The Counter Burger

As the Interface Designer on the project I worked with quality assurance, engineering, project management, development and the client to make sure the project was delivered on time and achieved the goals of the project as outlined by the client.

The Counter Burger was looking to expand it's ordering into the online world and had connected with a few different companies to acheive this goal for them. After doing a few concept mockups and a quick round of testing they decided to go with EMN8.

Since the introduction of the program in two test markets they have since expanded to nearly all of the restaurants in the chain. The online ordering experience has led to increased sales per ticket by strategically placing upsells and promos in the appropriate place so as to not interefere with the ease of ordering. This continually gives the customer a quick and seamless user experience

My Role:
User Experience
Visual Design

John O'Keefe

The Counter Burger


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Being that we were working with complex order flows with various combination changes, upsells, modifiers and cross-sell points it was key to get our user flows down before we got too deep into the project. Our user flows allowed us to identify any breakdowns in the customer process or inform areas where we could use an upsell or cross-sell to increase the lift in the average ticket. We were also able to visually show the client where pain points could be for customers with the existing ordering path. This helped us early on to build trust with our client.


We built out detailed wireframes to prototype and inform if we were heading in the right direction. Through the use of these wireframes we were able to quickly go back to our client and verify order processes and key interactions so we could keep our dev team working in parallel on new features to keep inline with our sprints. View Full Wireframes (PDF)


We went with a skeumorphic design here to mimic the experience that the customer gets in the restaurant. By giving the user multiple routes to add items into the till we were able to make the user feel more comfortable while ordering and increase the average order versus ordering in store. Through A/B testing and user testing we refined down the ordering format and continued to make improvements to the site.