I worked closely with the owner of JUMP., Kaitlin, and photographer to lead the art direction and design to get her new website looking and working exactly how she wanted. 

JUMP. Fitness was in desperate need of a redesign. The prior site was built using the GoDaddy Web Designer feature and wasn't very useful in terms of engagement, customizeability and updating. JUMP. wanted to be able to self maintain and add some interactivity to the site, with that said we set her up on a fully responsive custom wordpress site with a simplified backend so site edits would be quick and easy for any user. Blog posts could be easily published and reviewed, photos could be swapped out and updates for bootcamps were easily updated. 

Within the first week of the site being up JUMP. received new clients from all over the country and even a few from across the pond in Europe. The increased visibility also landed her new personal training opportunities at fitness clubs throughout San Diego.

My Role:
Visual Design
Art Direction

Flojoso Creative





After discussing the overall look and feel that JUMP. was trying to achieve a simple two color black and blue approach was agreed upon. This would make it easier for their web presence to also match the rest of  their branding and style that they were going for. Once the site was built and released new marketing materials were created and the new JUMP. was announced. The ease of updates by using Wordpress as a CMS has allowed JUMP. to leap to the next level!