Working as an Interaction Designer I worked with the whole interaction team and marketing management to create a fun interactive microsite for the holiday season and new year. 

Every year American Specialty Health likes to send out an e-card to all of it's clients to wish them a happy holiday and also give them some tips on how to have a healthy holiday season and new year. These are always fun projects and one where the whole team gets to help create the visual feel and pick a section that they specifically get to work on.

I was selected to handle all animations and motion graphics for the site and create a quick video on seasonal stress relief. I was able to select and work with copywriters, voice talent and other designers to put together a fun project in a tight deadline. The whole team got this concepted, completed and delivered in a two week period. 

My Role:
Visual Design
Motion Graphics

Donny Carpio
Diego Beas

American Specialty Health