Working as a Senior Interaction Designer this project was an all hands on deck, high priority job. I worked with senior and junior interaction designers, senior management, development, IT, departmental & business stakeholders and project managers to ensure this project was done quickly and properly.

 From the design side this truly was a team project with everyones hands interwoven in different pieces.

Exercise Rewards is an innovative health improvement program that helps you take charge of your health through a variety of online tools, including a personal health assessment and a customized exercise planning program. You can challenge your friends and colleagues and set your own personal goals and then track those goals with your choice of fitness tracker. 

The Goals

  • Modernize the ExerciseRewards site to be responsive and follow current best practices
  • Make the site more engaging 
  • Make finding a fitness facility easier to access for both a public and secured program user
  • Simplify the registration process

Use Cases

  • User wants to log in to see their daily activity
  • User wants to check and see what benefits are available to him through his provider
  • User has been invited to a group competition and would like to respond
  • User needs to locate a fitness facility in their area to get credit for their activity
  • User wants to redeem a reward that they have earned

My Role:
User Experience
Visual Design

Donny Carpio
Diego Beas
Rey Santiago
Oscar Fonseca

American Specialty Health



Many quick solo and group white boarding sessions were undertaken at the beginning of this project. With the rapid timeline it was necessary to get as many ideas out as possible, this collaborative effort would allow our team to see what ideas were being tossed around and add their input as well. Because of the fast cycle these whiteboard sessions were key and basically acted as our wireframes and user flows. 


Based on our notes and white board discussions we came up with two separate sitemaps for a logged in and logged out user. Since we are dealing with peoples personal health information it was very important to decided what could and couldn't be seen in order to stay HIPAA compliant throughout the site.


An extensive styleguide was discussed and put into place so we could jump straight into comps. Utilizing layer comps and smart objects in Photoshop we ended with a system that was easy to update and allowed multiple team members to work on different parts of the project at once and still have a cohesive look and feel.


The system that was put in place allowed the team to make a thorough set of mockups that we used alongside Invision to demonstrate what we were looking for more clearly to our developers and stakeholders would get a greater understanding of what we were trying to achieve. Overall the success of the redesign showed through a higher amount of logins and users staying on the site longer so they could use more of the features that we had put in place.