Working as the user experience lead on this project I worked directly with the client, development team, and guided other designers on all aspects of this project. 

I was brought on to this project after a version 1 release had already gone out. My objective for the next release was to convert the existing application from a basic call center application to a full 360 view of a students lifecycle. The goal of the application is to support college students in their academic process by allowing advisors, teachers and the student easy communication across a multitude of platforms. 

The goal of the application is to increase student retention and increase the graduation rate while streamlining the amount of time a student is in college. By giving college executives a portal to see high level information, advisors and teachers access to student needs and issues, students access to their program and financial info via a native app everyone in the process is able to assess needs and concerns 24/7 to help at all points of a students lifecycle.  

My Role:
User Experience
Visual Design


In Development

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Wireframes were the starting point for the majority of my work on this project, these laid the foundation for the changes that were to come in version 2. With a complex project like this and many stakeholders on the client side we used these wireframes to stay nimble and make quick changes so we could nail down functionality and interactions. 


A comprehensive styleguide was carried over from version 1, this made the transition from wireframes to high fidelity mockups incredibly quick.


This application has so many features that it would be easy to get lost in it. So to keep things simple and not distract from the main function of the application, which is to address student needs and close issues, non-pertinent information was placed in expandable areas and dropdown. By doing this I was able to place emphasis on student issues while still giving access to key features as needed.