Exercise Rewards CHECK-IN APP

Working as a Senior Interaction Designer I worked closely with our Art Director and Senior Design Manager to facilitate creating our companies first native app. The Healthyroads Check-In App allows members with health incentive programs to track their activity to ensure they are meeting their program requirements..

With feedback from actual users telling us that wanted a way to accurately track if they were meeting their incentive needs we decided to create a simple app that took advantage of GPS and location services. We were able to meet both client and member needs by insuring that the members were checking in from a certified location and the members were able to track their workouts to ensure they received their member benefit/reward.

The Goals

  • Allow users to check-in to verified fitness facilities within their program
  • Track the amount of time a user has been active
  • Warn users if they have not completed the necessary activity level
  • Warn users if they are not in a
    verified facility

Use Cases

  • A new user needs to be able to access the app and login to their account to begin tracking their activity
  • A user needs to be able to find nearby verified facilities in the area they are in when not at their home location
  • A user needs to be able to see a log of their activity and check their progress to see where they are with their goals and requirements

My Role:
User Experience
Visual Design

Donny Carpio

American Specialty Health

App Store


Whiteboarding sessions were conducting to quickly iterate and to just get ideas out in a group. We also used these white boarding sessions to conduct group research and see what was successful and unsuccessful in current check-in and fitness apps. Our main goal here was to try and simplify the process as much as possible to come to a minimum viable product that we could release.


The goal was to create a very simple user flow that would achieve the goal of allowing the user to check-in to a location and track the amount of time they were at the location. We wanted to do this in as a few a steps as possible since our user range was from teenagers to tech savvy seniors.