As an interface designer working on a start up team I had close communication with project managers, engineering, front and back end developers, quality assurance testers, BK marketing, and our creative director. This allowed us to see and test things from conception to completion to ensure a quality product.

Having worked with various franchisees from Burger King using our established self service kiosk platform the coporate office had come to us with an idea to expand their offerings to customers with a food delivery service. They had tested new packaging concepts and delivery models in Japan and wanted to see if it was a viable option to bring to the united states. The pilot program started on 3-4 restaurants with focus on a college demographic.

The Goals

  • Create a simple online ordering site
  • Increase the average order sales
  • Gauge interest in pilot program
  • Needs to accessible on PC & Mobile

Use Cases

  • A college student who can't leave home for any given reason but would still like to get something to eat
  • Busy mom is out running errands and wants to have dinner ready when she gets home
  • A customer has heard about the program and wants to see if the service is being offered in their area

My Role:
User Experience
Visual Design

John O'Keefe
Carina Nicklaw




With such an in depth project with multiple flows and various user types it was imperative to define the flows early on to help define key screens to wireframe and also show where we would opportunities to place upsell items and see potential sticking points. 


In depth wireframes were completed to show exactly how an order would happen. With many different ordering options and combinations it was vital to see how this process would happen before we began any sort of development would happen. Often quick paper prototypes would be produced and shown to the client to get approval and then we would forward the functionality along to our dev team. This process allowed an efficient back and forth process between client, design, and development that led to quick development cycles and quality client engagement. 
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