As the secondary Interaction Designer on this project I worked closely with the main interaction designer to support him with various documents from wireframes, style guide and final mockups. Together we worked with business stakeholders, development, IT, and marketing to create an update to our ASH Link website that would modernize and simplify all aspects of the site.

ASH Link is a site that allows Providers, Fitness Faciilities and Members to access resources and features depending on what type of user they are. Their user type allows them access to member eligiibility, process claims, access resource materials, a comprehensive educational library, and receive notifications and newsletters about the latest benefits.

With so much information to access it was important to create a site that had a simple and direct focus that was easy to navigate to the information needed while quickly identifying the type of user you are so you're not inundated with information that isn't relevant to you. Working with the main designer on the project, Oscar, I was able to help him clean up and finish a clean site that modernized ASH Link and engaged its users.

My Role:
Visual Design
User Experience

Oscar Fonseca
Donny Carpio

American Specialty Health



Knowing that this project was going to have a great deal of assets and various user types depending on login credentials the wireframes really helped the team to determine what would be reusable across various user types and what would need to be rethought. We also took these wireframes to make paper prototypes to find pain points and address any nonfunctional user flows. View Additional Wireframes


As wireframes were out for approval we were creating the user interface elements and style guide to inform the visual design for the wireframes and project as a whole. By following this process we decreased downtown and were able to quickly turn around the low fidelity wireframes in high fidelity mockups. We could also be sharing these elements with business holders to make sure the visual direction was desirable to the various user types so we could improve our interactions with existing users while increasing signups for new users.


The final design design brought everything together in a easy to use responsive solution that enabled our to users to have easier access to their documents. Within the first month of going live we heard back from clients saying the update was far easier to use and that they actually enjoyed using the site now that it was less cumbersome. Making it easier to find necessary resource materials and the ease of electronic transactions made both practitioners and their clients much happier. By decreasing the amount of steps to join our network and making the process seem friendlier we saw our sign ups increase and had higher retention. Overall the project was a large success to business holders and our users alike!