Hi, I'm Matt. Flojoso is a portmanteau of the spanish words flojo and oso meaning lazy bear or as my family meant it, laid back bear. For as long as I can remember I've been called Oso or Bear or some mixture of that, I also pretty much think that the bear is my spirit animal. 

I'm an easy going guy from a small farm town with an interest for many creative endeavors. A passion for clean design and a simple user experience are driving factors in my professional career, if it's creative I probably enjoy doing it. 

I love the process of design, getting a problem to solve, mapping it out, looking at variables and options, executing, refining, testing and refining some more. It's fun to find an elegant solution to a complex problem, stripping away the alleged necessities to find the core of what's really needed to make a solution. Finding the diamond in the rough and bringing it to a high polish.

I enjoy working on a range of projects from creating apps and websites to branding and engaging motion/interaction projects.

If you want to know a little more about me check out my résumé

Currently making some sweet products at Google.